Can You Pass a Drug Test with HHC?

Since the 2018 Farm Bill was approved, legal psychoactive cannabis has been flooding the market with 0.3% or lower THC levels. HHC, a psychoactive substance relatively new to the market, is now available. This content contains both the answer to that question and an explanation.

Is HHC a Drug Test Failure?

HHC isn’t well-studied enough to warrant inclusion on drug-testing radars. There is also no reliable test that can screen for it. Even if you don’t have any THC, it is possible to fail a drug test if your body is regularly inhaled or ingests other cannabinoids.

Commonly Used Drug Tests

Urine Test

Urine tests are the most popular type of testing due to their simplicity, low cost, accuracy, and ease of use. Most employers and probation officers use urine tests to detect the THC-COOH metabolite. It can remain in the body for several weeks after first use.

Saliva Test

Police officers and other law enforcement personnel often use saliva testing to determine if a driver has been drinking while driving. These tests can’t identify THC if the THC was consumed in the past 10 hours.

Blood Test

Most blood tests are performed in hospitals. If you’ve been admitted to a hospital and have been suspected to be impaired, a blood test will determine if there is any HHC in the system. These tests are used to determine if you have THC metabolites or present intoxication.

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