Finding the Best Dental Insurance

Finding the ideal dental insurance policy requires taking several factors into consideration: your oral health needs, budget constraints and types of procedures you may need covered.

Some dental insurance providers impose waiting periods on certain services like braces; others have annual maximums and deductibles to consider.

1. Cigna

Cigna offers three full-coverage dental plans tailored specifically to individuals seeking full dental coverage: individual DPPO plans have low deductibles and no annual limits for preventive care (checkups, cleanings) and basic procedures such as fillings or extractions; in addition, benefits include access to their nationwide provider network, online claims and personalized customer portal.

Health savings plans from Dentemax also can help cover the costs associated with routine and specialty dental treatments, while their fee-for-service indemnity plans do not impose network restrictions, yet still cover out-of-network care (except major work such as crowns and bridges which still requires 12 month wait period ).

2. Delta Dental

Delta Dental is one of the premier dental insurance providers, offering individual and family plans at various price points to meet any dental need. Their plans emphasize preventive care; by encouraging regular visits to Midtown East dentists for preventive dental check-ups, Delta Dental helps keep smiles looking their best for life!

Delta Dental PPO plans give you access to a nationwide network of dentists, making it easier and more cost-effective to receive affordable dental care. In addition, their PPO network limits out-of-pocket expenses by offering annual benefits increases and no or low deductibles; furthermore they also offer Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO) plans with lower fees than average but higher deductibles and maximum limits than other DHMOs.

3. Ameritas

Ameritas boasts one of the largest networks of dental, vision and hearing providers. Their holistic approach to dental benefits enables them to offer affordable one-stop solutions for their members.

Individuals can purchase Ameritas dental insurance either directly from the company or through the health insurance marketplace, choosing from Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans; many plans also include vision and/or hearing coverage options.

Ameritas dental network offers savings ranging from 25-50% for visiting in-network dentists. Furthermore, this plan offers no waiting periods for preventative care compared to many other plans on the market and boasts strong financial strength ratings – something which ensures all claims are paid promptly by an insurer.

4. Humana

Humana offers multiple dental insurance plans tailored specifically to individuals and families. Their most popular plan, Dental Premier Choice PPO, provides coverage of preventive services 100% when in network, with no annual maximums. In addition, this plan offers 80% coverage after paying the annual deductible without waiting periods on basic or major services. Furthermore, Humana also offers dental discount plans as well as Medicare Advantage plans with dental benefits.

Humana offers fee-for-service dental insurance plans – commonly referred to as indemnity plans – specifically targeted towards retirees or those without access to employer coverage, commonly referred to as indemnity plans. These traditional plans cover part of your dental expenses while often having annual maximums and waiting periods in place. Their PPO dental plan networks boast more than 325,000 dentist locations.

5. Spirit Dental

Spirit Dental’s benefits include low-cost plans that focus on preventive care, comprehensive coverage for major services and no waiting periods. Users can easily enter their ZIP code on its website to access local plan options with prices and features for direct comparison, which makes finding optimal coverage easy.

They also offer a unique Flex plan that does not abide by traditional PPO/HMO guidelines and instead reimburses services from any dentist, making this an attractive option if you work independently or just want greater flexibility with your dental plan. Their plans feature low annual maximums compared to competitors and no waiting periods are present.

Users of the company’s website will find its interface intuitive and straightforward; users can request a quote for their plan immediately and begin signing up immediately.

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