Carbon Health Announces New Fundraiser

If you’re concerned about the threat of an impending pandemic, Carbon Health has created a COVID Ready program. Through the program, employers can test employees, train them for the outbreak, and monitor their exposure once the economy is back up and running. This will help ensure that you and your staff are safe during the next pandemic and when the economy starts up again. Until then, you can get more information from Carbon Health’s website and mobile app.

Since the November fundraise, Carbon Health has grown significantly and now operates 80 clinics in 12 states. In the past six months alone, it has doubled its full-time staff to over 1,600 employees, opened 80 clinics and added a virtual care service. In addition, it has announced plans to expand its infrastructure and launch new services, including pediatrics and mental health. If you’re interested in investing in this growing health care company, keep reading to learn more about its goals.

The company’s growth is driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, which widens the healthcare inequality gap. Carbon Health’s proprietary platform allows providers to focus on patient care rather than administrative tasks. They can utilize clinical staff at the top of their license, improving the patient experience and cutting down on medical costs. The company has been successful in attracting clinicians to their ranks with a 92% offer acceptance rate. Half of its clinicians come from internal referrals.

With the help of its omnichannel care model, Carbon Health is meeting patients where they are. Its newest addition to the healthcare industry, Hims & Hers is a part of a growing ecosystem of health care partners that aims to improve access to care and bridge the last mile between provider and patient. As part of its continued growth, Carbon Health will invest in curating partnerships and develop technological and operational integrations with additional partners.

While Carbon Health is a private company, the new funding brings in significant investors such as Blackstone’s Horizon platform. Other new investors include Atreides Capital, Intersect Capital, Fifth Wall, Lux, Silver Lake Waterman, and funds managed by BlackRock. A few returning backers include Dragoneer Investment Group and Brookfield Technology Partners. The funding round is worth almost _____ billion. So far, the company has received positive feedback from its investors.

In 2015, Carbon Health acquired two clinic chains, Southern Arizona Urgent Care, which operates nine clinics in Tucson, Arizona, and Med7 Urgent Care, which operates four clinics in Sacramento, California. The company has now expanded to 83 clinics across 12 states. It has recently raised $350 million in venture capital funding. The company emphasizes the importance of ensuring access to high-quality care for all Americans. If you’re thinking about joining the Carbon Health community, check out our article on the startup’s current expansion plans.